Salsa & Bachata Instructor

Nationality: USA

Angela is a true Florida southerner with Italian roots. She became interested in salsa dancing in 2008 after a brief and embarrassing moment on the dance floor, and only in 2016 was she able to begin salsa and bachata lessons at Salsa Mundial. She was immediately hooked and drove an hour each way to attend classes twice per week. On days where there was no salsa, she practiced her footwork at every opportunity, and still to this day will take advantage of practicing in an empty elevator.

Angela works as an Administrative Specialist at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, and it is well known by her faculty that she dances and teaches salsa.

What Angela was expecting was a hobby, and what she discovered was a lifelong passion and a welcoming community made up of her “salsa family”. She loves to introduce her students to the experience of salsa and strives to be detail oriented in the techniques and also to provide the big picture of social dancing.

“It’s hard to imagine a time where I didn’t dance. Salsa has changed my life for the better, and I want to share the experience with my students.” – Angela






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