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Where are you located?
Salsa Mundial is located in The Creekside Mall.
3501 SW 2nd Ave, Suite G, Gainesville, FL 32607

How much do classes cost?
Classes are priced individually or in prepaid packages. See our price page for more information.

Do I need a partner?
No partner needed!

What should I wear?
Wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and do not restrict your movement. Ladies are discouraged from wearing high heels to their first class. Once a student has progressed beyond the beginner level, dance shoes are recommended, especially for ladies. Both ladies’ and men’s latin dance shoes have a suede sole that aids in turning and prevents ankle and knee strain while dancing.

Which level should I take?
If you have never taken any Salsa and/or Bachata classes before, please start with our amazing Beginner A class. If you have taken some lessons before but you’re unsure which level to take, please let our staff at the front desk know. They will find an instructor who will direct you to the correct class.

What are the differences between Beginner A and Beginner B?
The Beginner A
class introductory class, which introduces you to the rhythm and timing of the music, and technique in leading and following. You will learn basic footwork, dance positions, connections between partners, and some basic pattern with your partner. The Beginner B is for dancers who learned the basic steps and moves. You will be introduced to a little more complicated patterns to supplement your dancing. You will be required to take a test to attend this class.

When can I move to the next level?
All the students need to take a test to go to the next level. (Unless the instructor informs you that you may move up.)

If you want to move up to Intermediate level from Beginner B level, there are some requirements for both the leaders and the followers.

For the leaders…
1. Being able to find the first count with the music and initiate your basic step by yourself.
2. Being able to do basic steps on count with the music.
3. Remembering all names of the moves in syllabus.
4. Being able to lead your partner with the moves in syllabus.

For the followers…
1. Being able to follow with correct arm position and footwork
2. Being able to dance with correct movement.

If you want to move up to Intermediate B level from Intermediate A level, the following are the requirements.

For the leaders…
1. Remembering all names of the moves in syllabus.
2. Being able to lead your partner with each move with music in syllabus.

For the followers…
1. Being able to follow with correct footwork.
2. Being able to respond to the lead correctly.

If you would like to take a test, please come 15 minutes before class starts. One of the instructors will test your skill levels.

Where can I find a list of the moves for each level?
You can find them on the materials page.

Helpful Tips

  • There are many styles of salsa dancing. Even if you’ve danced salsa before, we ask that you take the beginner class your first time attending the studio. Salsa Mundial teaches On1 Salsa and Bachata. Some other styles include Casino and Colombian salsa. Each are excellent, but unique, and very different from one another.
  • Once you feel you have mastered a Salsa/Bachata level and are ready to move on to the next, you may ask an instructor to test you out. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to class to do so. (Note: We are unable to test out students between classes; therefore, “testing out” is only possible before classes begin each day.)
  • If you are ready to purchase dance shoes, and not sure where to start, see the front desk. Dance shoes are now available for purchase at our dance studio. All instructors are also happy to help you before or after class decide which type of shoes are best for you.
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