Salsa & Bachata Instructor

Nationality: USA

Veronica began taking Casino Salsa classes with the Gator Salsa Club (GSC) in the fall of 2012. Veronica fell in love with the instructors’ passion for the dance, and it was through GSC that she found that passion for herself. For many years she focused on Casino Salsa, often assistant teaching at GSC.

In March of 2016 Veronica attended an On1 Salsa workshop taught by Koji. His friendly disposition and obvious knowledge of dance led her to attend her first class at Salsa Mundial the next week. The challenge of working on a new style was inspiring and Veronica was hooked, even joining the studio’s performance team in 2017.

Veronica became a Salsa Mundial instructor in September 2018. Over the years since she has also served as the assistant director/choreographer for multiple performance teams.

Veronica is a Gainesville native. She holds her associate’s degree in Elementary Education and bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Educational Studies. She currently works in research administration.

“Sometimes I hurt because I dance.
Other times I dance because I hurt.
Either way, dancing fixes it all.”
– Unknown

Want to feel inspired or understand the culture a little more? Veronica suggests watching the short YouTube video Salsa and the stiff upper lip – the English perspective on Latin Dance.

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