Salsa & Bachata Instructor

Nationality: Cuban

Leydi was born in Cuba, and her family relocated to Spain at four years of age. During the ten years she lived there, she trained in jazz and classical ballet and attended numerous competitions around the country with the dance group “Carmen Cabrera Ballet”. When her family decided to move to Miami when she was 14, she thought her dancing days were done. It wasn’t until freshman year of college, after watching a couple dance LA style salsa at a Gainesville club, that she felt motivation to dance again.

Salsa became a passion and she danced, taught and performed at a local salsa studio and with UF’s Sabor Latino dance troupe until graduation from UF. She chose to start dental school at New York University, partly because NYC is home to some of the world’s best salsa schools. There she trained with some of the most respected dancers in the salsa scene.

Now a full-time dentist, she is excited to be back in Florida and splits her time between Gainesville and Jacksonville due to work and her husband’s oral surgery residency.

“What I love the most about salsa, is how welcoming and diverse the dancers are. I’ve met the most interesting people and some of my best friends through dancing and attending class. The salsa world is a big family and it will make you never feel alone in a new city. All you gotta do is find the dancers!” -Leydi

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